Who are we?

Csgo PayToSkin has been in development as early as 2014 to prevent scams from happening all over the internet, especially steam. To prevent these scams from happening, we where thinking what would be the best way to prevent scams yet maintain the right to get real money (instead of steam currency) for your expensive skins and/or knifes. Of course, the only way that was reasonable enough was using a third-party site in a secure enviroment where one client could deposit their money and the second player could deposit their skin. When both players agrees to what was laid in the table, they can both accept and withdraw their money to paypal or get a trade offer for their skins.

Why trust us?

We've been reccomended upon by a couple of big collecters and some major-league CS:GO players. To prevent the scamming scene even more, when someone is still able to scam you (which is near to impossible) you can contact us at our email adress and request a refund on our costs. When we got all the proof that you got scammed, we will do what we promised. Read the terms and conditions, and don't forget to use common sense.

How can I get a buyer's account?

Email us for the details with a picture of your ID card, passport or drivers license. Don't worry, these won't be saved and are purely to validate your age and to know how we can contact local authorities in case of scams. You'll need to be of ages 18 and up, and pay a 1 dollar registration fee. Traders aren't required to pay for registration nor do they need to registrate.

How does it work?

It's very simple! But both of you need to talk about some things first. One needs to pay the transaction costs, which are €2,50 or exactly 1 CS:GO key. The payer pays the 2,50 or the trader pays the key. The payer can choose who pays, and you can see what he chose and cancel. The payer will also need your steam trading-url. When all information is entered correctly, you will get a trade offer (which you need to accept) to one of our secure bots. Make sure the security code matches the one in your webbrowser!

Are there any limits?

Transactions can only contain 5 items at the same time, and are limited to 500 euro's for normal users. Approved users can pay up to 2000 euro's for skins.

Why not use Bitskins or OPskins?

Both sites ask for a minimum 5% cut of your item's value. This doesn't seem much, but when you sell an item worth 1500, that's 75 euro's down the drain. We're currently the cheapest solution.

Steam has been a dick.

Steam recently added a new system to prevent scamming in a better way, which is great. Sadly, this impacted our bots and item withdrawing can take up to 3 days now.


A player is only liable for a refund if the scam was in no-way their fault. Scams like website-hacks or simular will always get a full refund.
Without the transaction ID and the payer ID we can not refund anything. Always write that down.
We are in no-way responsible for your (mis)-use of our services and remain the right to refuse any refunds.


In case of malicious activity on our domain it is strongly adviced to inform us as soon as possible on our email so we can put a penalty on the users account. A reward will be given.
False reports can lead to punishment and/or termination of your account.

Money withdrawing

You can accept money with IBAN, Bitcoins or Paypal. Please note that transactions can take up to a full day to complete.


Advertising on our website is possible as long as it fits within google adsense's 'rules'. Prices can be requested using our email adress.


You are in no way allowed to copy and paste code, files, images or other data from our site except for in-browser activities.


By using our site you agree that you allow cookies to be written to your computer for technical features on this site.

Using our service

By using our site, you agree to all of the above. We retain the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notice.